Bing remarketing hints

Bing remarketing hints

Since organic search results had become overcrowded with different types of the content available like PDFs, articles and videos, there is now a need to stand out from the crowd but this is becoming even more difficult. In this article we will see together if Bing remarketing should be part of your digital toolkit.

The search engine algorithms had been changing for some years now and the bigger emphasis is put on high-quality content. This is something the marketers should have been doing for a long time, but they should also understand that it is not that easy to create high quality and fresh content always on consistent basis.

Bing Remarketing

Why Bing remarketing is becoming popular?

The search engines can personalize the results according to what some of your friends like or share, when you sign up with the search engine. This means that some results can differ greatly from the results you get to another searcher.
– The use of rich snippets may add some extra dimension to the search engine when it integrates the thumbnails with additional information in the results themselves.
Using rich snippets presents easy opportunity and it helps to improve how the content is going to appear in the search results of Bing.
How to benefit from the customized search campaign
When you remarket using Bing, it helps you to customize search campaigns to the people who may have visited your website. When you are able to reach to high-value audience, it improves the campaign performance in a significant way.
When you use remarketing lists with the search ads, it helps you in your bidding in the following ways.
– You can bid higher at the keywords that people who visited your website had used and the keywords which had converted more.
– You can optimize the bids for the keywords that already exist and for the visitors that have already been added tthe marketing list.
Even if announcement from Bing may still be behind the intelligence of Google, the advertisers who become interested in the remarketing at Bing, they should start by implementing UET since it is a pre-requisite to start.
The pilot program of Bing for remarketing in the paid search had already been made available to a number of advertisers and new advertisers may be picked up in the near future.

The remarketing under Bing is not going to be search-centric since it will not have impression, display or image based media, but you are going to be able to gather the data of the audience and to display the list in the search engine.

How to prepare yourself for Bing remarketing campaign?

It is better to upgrade to the UET from Bing tracking and even if you are still able to capture the revenues and the orders. It is also better to upgrade so that you can be ready to take advantage of the Bing remarketing when it will start.
According to the definitive guide of Bing, the retailers will not be able to track down the conversion goals like signup and sales and to report them to the tags. The historical reporting is going to be available, but the retailers should replace such tags faster.
To make sure that your tags are going to be supported under the new guidelines, you should do the following. You have to log into the Bing ads account.  Then, you need to  navigate to reach the campaign analytics and click at view to see the goals that are available. For every goal, check its tracking codes, and if you find that the code is using flex-atdmt-com / domains (no longer supported) , you should remove the tags and add the Universal Event tracking code.


Even if Bing is not that popular, people can benefit from remarketing on it. As search engines change their algorithm, any business that wants to keep up with online marketing has to adapt to the new change. One of these new changes expected is remarketing on Bing. Enjoy it!

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