Frequently Asked Questions

Why not? Instead of just sharing content online, we provide you with the ability to drive better engagement, convert more and be able to remarket rather than lose your audience, while measuring your results in our intuitive dashboard in real time.

Our smart links allow you to engage with your clients in a new, personalized level with different types of customized overlays like videos, Images & HTML components. Our innovative platform attracts clients to engage and convert.

Yes, our system generates reports that show exactly when each action takes place. It also identifies the browser, location and more. You can export this report to CSV (upon reaching  Advanced Program or more)

Yes, our platform supports HTML, this way your designer can create any type of banner design !

Of course, Remarketing.io is a responsive platform that automatically adjusts  each banner to the type of display and device. It is  also possible to choose  an entirely different banner for each device. For example, on mobile, you can add a phone number (“TEL” link) to your banner  for a faster communication channel.

Of course – you can attach up to 10 banners for each smart link. You will get a different report for each banner (amount of clicks / conversions, etc.) In addition, you will be able to restrict some banners for either mobile / desktop display.

Our minimum subscription duration is a single month, after which the subscription is renewed automatically unless you choose to cancel beforehand. This can be done via Account Settings.

Monthly plans can be paid with a credit card. Annual plans may be paid with credit card as well as wire transfer.

Remarketing.io ’s API is an application programming interface that allows you to stream reliable, on-demand business information into your enterprise systems  and  web applications.

Remarketing.io customers including content managers, cata analysts, PPC experts and developers  can integrate Remarketing.io data into their business platform or application.

First register for an account and then you can obtain the  API key (under settings)

Remarketing.io API provides data on your  owned clients data. For details, visit the Remarketing API Documentation.


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