offers a whole set of smart

features that allow marketers to easily convert and increase ROI.

Engage your Traffic

Make the most of your social posts. Easily navigate your traffic toward your new digital asset

Up Your Lead generation game

Our smart link will engage your audience to easily convert into an actual business lead – with every content you share.

Track your results

Speed up your time to market with every content share and immediately track your results with an intuitive and advanced platform.

" was exactly the tool we needed in order to manage and monitor our viewers". Maoz Degani , Head of PPC department, Mccann Universal

Clearly convey your message to your audience

Creatives affect the conversion rate of your content significantly .Engage your audience by selecting your preferred content display overlay (video/image/button)

Drive quality traffic Your way

Track and convert your audience with overlays at each step of the conversion funnel. This allows you to make sure all relevant data is being sent properly as well as to segment audiences.

Monitor your conversions with an easy to use dashboard

Track which one of your creatives is working well with a quick managerial glance. Our user-friendly dashoboard allows marketers to capture on-site user behavior data

A/B testing Options

Measure the quality of your creative messages across the social networks

Highly Responsive Platform

Work & track your performance – wherever you are!

Global Department Support

Marketers love to encourage team work. Teamwork is available.


Maximize your Digital Marketing

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