Privacy policy

The purpose of the following conditions is to clarify the privacy policy of this website (the “Site“) to the user including a description of how (“REM“) collects and uses information.

Use of Information

During the use of the Site, information may be collected about a user, including his web use habits, field of interest, information pages visited, registration for special services that require registration, offers and services that interested the user, the payment methods used by the user, and more. The user does not have to provide any information on his own initiative, however, when user visits the Site he consents to the collection of information subject to using it under the provisions of any law and the provisions of this Privacy Policy. It is hereby clarified that user may not be able to browse the Site and enjoy certain services without providing minimal information about itself. REM may store some information in its databases subject to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy provisions, and to the applicable law.

The use of information is only for the following purposes:

1. To use the services offered on the Site.
2. To improve the operation and development of the Site including analysis of the browsing habits of the user so that REM can improve the structure of the Site for the user’s convenience.
3. For publishing information and purchase and sale of goods and services through the Site.

4. To customize advertisements displayed to the user while visiting the Site to the specific interests of the user.

5.  For personal addressing to the user, including advertising, as required by law or in the event that any of the provisions violated the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy or any other condition specified on the Site regarding information or services you used or in case of a dispute of the Site with the user.

6.  To collect general or individual information or to analyze and provide statistical information that will be delivered to third parties, including advertisers, however, in a way that will not identify the user personally.

7.  For other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy or the Site’s Terms of Use or otherwise on the Site.

For its activity, including the gathering of information about the habits of the user in the Site, or to check the identity of the user or information on the Site, in order to allow the user to better use the Site and to analyze and customize the unique needs and user preferences and for activity data security, the Site makes use of Cookies. If the user desire to avoid accepting this kind of “Cookie” from the Site, and thus it will prevent him from browsing the Site user must change the settings in his browser or the operating system which he uses. Moreover he will be able to delete these files transplanted on his computer at any time.